Someone’s having fun

Stochastic Review has a few posts about Wordsmith. It put a huge smile on my face to see someone who’s so obviously having a blast playing the game!

1: Spelling game of awesomeness

2: Sage continues

3: …And youre probably bored of this by now

My favourite quote: “I made a Priest, Bard, Farm, Farmer, Field, Baby, Wasp, Eagle, Oak, Elm, Knight, Sheep, Cow, Crow and Goat. Unfortunately I then made a Skeleton. This did not play well with others.”

PS: “I took a Spaceship and flew up as far as I could” – In the future, yes, there will be some things to visit in space. I know some people have been wondering…


  1. Chris Benson says:

    I think your game would be a perfect fit for Kickstarter. You could use the money to put the game on other platforms (iOS would be great!), and/or to have all the art redone by a professional artist of some sort. Maybe pixel art?

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m definitely thinking about doing a kickstarter project. Just need to figure out what game I’m actually making here… I don’t feel like the mechanics are quite right yet.

  2. Matt Parsons says:

    I preordered the game a while back, is development still going on?

  3. Hi there! Sorry for the delay.

    Yes, development is still going on, in principle… but progress is pretty slow; got a job to pay the bills, so I don’t have as much free time as I used to. 🙁

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