zConnection preview

I’m a little late posting this here… last week, zConnection posted an interview/preview of Wordsmith. http://zcint.co.uk/article/indie-week-wordsmith

No new words today

Sorry, I haven’t had time to package up a new version today – I’ve been busy with other stuff, like creating this blog, and making the map for the new mode, Survival: No objects yet, but this landmass has about three times as much space as the demo map. For a sense of scale, look […]

Finally made a devblog!

Cheersgames.com has existed for about three weeks now, but without a blog, it was pretty cold and lifeless. I bet most visitors don’t even understand why the site is called Cheers Games. So… hi there! My name is Laurie Cheers. I’m running a one-man game studio that I call Cheers Games, and the first game […]