Someone’s having fun

Stochastic Review has a few posts about Wordsmith. It put a huge smile on my face to see someone who’s so obviously having a blast playing the game! 1: Spelling game of awesomeness 2: Sage continues 3: …And youre probably bored of this by now My favourite quote: “I made a Priest, Bard, Farm, Farmer, […]

Necessity is the mother of inventory

Here’s what I made today – an inventory! If you make an appropriate container, you can put small objects into it, carry them around, and get them out later. Different objects have different numbers of slots. The interface is still slightly rough, but it works. Next job: allow the player to drop objects onto the […]

Night of the Wordsmith

Houston, we have a title. More importantly, we have an identity! I’m pleased to announce that the first episode of the game will (provisionally) be called… (That’s “Gypsy Curse”, an awesome free font from – can’t you just hear the organ music?) Night of the Wordsmith is a game that fell out of the […]

A new direction!

I woke up this morning with a revelation; the thing that’s keeping Wordsmith from working as a longer-form game is the need to backtrack and keep farming letters from the places you’ve already visited. And the thing that’s keeping Wordsmith from working as a shorter-form game where you start from scratch in each level, is […]

First glimpse: The Cave.

First time in a long while that I’ve just been able to kick back and spend a whole day working on Wordsmith! (All right, I did take a couple of hours off to see The Avengers.) Man, that felt good. Anyway, here’s my new location – the Cave. This will only be available in the […]

The power of the dictionary

Wordsmith already has words that generate new words – a nest makes birds, a rathole makes rats, and many other interactions. One thing we don’t have – in the demo version, at least – is many words that generate new locations. The castle, mine and wreck illustrate the general idea: objects you create can be […]

One last obstacle

Player rewards are a tricky issue in games. Jonathan Blow would tell us that if a game over-rewards players – like WoW (his example) or Peggle (my example), it’s just dishonest game design. It’s like adding salt and caffeine and deep-frying your core mechanic in batter – it may make players want to keep playing, […]

Wordsmith expansion plans

Some more thoughts about expanding Wordsmith… Making a bigger world is the obvious approach. I could just add more levels, with more puzzles and more stuff. For example, when you get past the spiders in the mine, maybe the tunnel continues. Rocks and walls block your way, gas pockets threaten to explode or suffocate you, […]

I Aten’t Dead

Wow, is it really March already? I told some people I’d have a build for them to play by the end of November. Yikes. Anyway, just a quick comment to clarify that no, I’m not dead, and neither is Wordsmith. What actually happened is that I got stuck. The design I used for the demo […]

Merry Christmas!